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LANOO (Christian Anders)


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Copyright © Lanoo (Christian Anders)
Original version
Library of Congress
TXU 471243, january 15,1993
+ TXU 623779, December 10, 1993
Printed in Germany
Herstellung: Libri Books on Demand
ISBN: 3-8311-0622-3

Copyright © Lanoo, Library of Congress TXU 471243,
january 15,1993. + TXU 623779, December 10, 1993.

All rights reserved. no part of this book may be used or
reproduced in any manner whatsoever without written
permission except in the case of brief excerpts embodied in
critical articles and reviews. for Information address:
LANOO (Christian Anders), P.O. Box 491729, los Angeles,
CA 90049
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Homepage from Christian Anders/Lanoo :

After years of research, and with the help of world-renowned scientists like Dr. Robert B. Strecker, and Dr. Alan Cantwell Jr.. LANOO (Christian Anders) concluded that AIDS is a man-made disease, bio-engined in cancer-virus laboratories and injected into gays and blacks.

Who was responsible for this ?


The author, LANOO (Christian Anders), about his book:


-AIDS created by the government.
-The cure for AIDS and cancer exists.
-Why vaccination against any disease is worthless and dangerous.
-Will we all be HIV positive soon?
-How to deal with any disease.
-Testimony of six independent doctors who reversed 300 AIDS patients from HIV
positive to HIV negative.


-From November 1978 to October 1979, 1083 New York homosexuals were vaccinated against Hepatitis B, under the supervision of Dr. Wolf Szmuness. Today, most of these gay men are dead. They died of AIDS. Coincidence?

- From March 1980 to October 1981, 1402 homosexuals from San Francisco, L.A., Denver, St. Louis and Chicago were vaccinated against Hepatitis-B. Again, most of them died … of AIDS. Coincidence?

-During the mid-seventies, millions of Africans were vaccinated Against smallpox. Today, most of them have died of AIDS or are HIV-positive. Coincidence?

-Pre-stored 1978 blood does not show HIV antibodies. Coincidence?

-According to the W.H.O. (World Health Organisation) & CDC (Centers for Disease Control) statistics, soon every American will be HIV-positive. Mission fulfilled, Mr. Bush (and others)?

LANOO (Christian Anders)

About the author:

LANOO (Christian Anders): German singer, writer, composer, actor and director. Sold about 9.000.000 records, wrote over 600 songs, 5 scripts, 5 books, directed and starred in 9 movies, wrote 2 musicals, one play ("The Man Who Created AIDS") and one symphony, "The Malibu Symphony" (while staying for 4 years at a friend's property 'Casa Malibu' in Marbella, Spain).

Disappointed with fame and fortune, Lanoo left Europe and escaped to Los Angeles, where he became homeless for several months. But his spiritual teacher, Beatrice Flemming, told Lanoo that he was selected to spread the Truth by writing THE BOOK OF LIGHT, prevedic Science, the reawakened mother scripture from whence sprang, though distorted and misinterpreted, all religions and sciences known to mankind. After Lanoo, with the help of his wife Lynne and friends Loyce, Sakti, Chaitanya, Bob and Michael had fulfilled his mission, Chris Ashford produced with Lanoo an album of spiritual songs titled "Lanoo - Alive in America".

Once this was done, Lanoo was confronted with a new challenge. On his Weekly Century, Continental and United Cable TV shows "Lanoo on the Book of Light" he interviewed Alan Cantwell Jr., M.D. and Robert B. Strecker, M.D., Ph.D. They declared on his show that AIDS is a man-made disease created in laboratories and injected in gays and blacks. Lanoo researched for over three years. All investigations led to one man and to the book "THE MAN WHO CREATED AIDS".

Dr. Jack Felder, African American biochemist, formerly with GS-7, U.S. Army Natick Laboratories, Natick, Mass., from where he left, when he discovered what was really going on there:
"I herewith give to LANOO the title "Medical Doctor", since he has greater understanding about the true cause AND CURE of diseases than most M.D.s I know."


Foreword by Alan Cantwell Jr. (AIDS researcher)

Is there anybody out there who wants to know where AIDS came from? Or are we all so busy looking for a cure that we have no time to dialog the persistent accusation that AIDS is a man-made disease.
The idea that AIDS is a man-made genocide program can no longer be dismissed simply as paranoid thinking. One out of three African-Americans believes HIV is a genetically engineered designer virus made in a biowarfare laboratory for the explicit purpose of killing people, especially minorities. Physicians like Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, Robert Strecker, Alan Cantwell Jr., and celebrities like Bill Cosby, Spike Lee and Steven Segal all believe AIDS is man-made.
The public has been repeatedly told that HIV came from an African green monkey virus which jumped species to infect the Black African population. Subsequently, the virus was brought to Haiti. From there, it was supposedly introduced into the U.S. via rich white gay men sodomized in Port-au-Prince.

Is there anybody out there who seriously believes this official government theory of AIDS origin? If so, please be aware of the "other" history of AIDS.

The earliest official AIDS cases were diagnosed in gay men in Manhattan in 1979. The outbreak of the disease clearly traces back to government-sponsored hepatitis B vaccine experiments in Manhattan during the years 1978-1979.

These vaccine experiments used only highly promiscuous homosexual and bisexual men as guinea pigs. Heterosexual men were not eligible. The gay men required for these trials were all young, healthy, well-educated and primarily white. Half the men never had venereal disease; none were immunosuppressed. Monogamous men or men with lovers were excluded from the experiment.

After the Manhattan experiment ended, the first cases of AIDS were discovered in previously healthy, young, white gay men in New York City. In 1980 - 1981, similar hepatitis b gay vaccine experiments were undertaken in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Denver, St. Louis and Chicago. The earliest American AIDS cases occurred around the same time as the earliest proven African and Haitian cases.

The hepatitis B vaccine trials had a phenomenal success rate of 92 %. The trials would never have been so successful if the gay volunteers were HIV-positive, because it is know known that the hepatitis B vaccine has a 50 % failure rate in HIV-positive people.
After the homosexual experiment, the blood specimens of thousands of gay men were retained and later tested for HIV. Retrospective HIV testing revealed that no tests were positive before the year 1978, the year the Hepatitis B experiment began.

New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco are the three largest epicentres of AIDS in the country. Is it coincidental that all three cities were sites of gay vaccine experiments during the years 1978-1981?

On May 11, 1987, The London Times published a front-page story implicating the smallpox program, sponsored by the World Health Organisation in third world countries, as a possible explanation for the outbreak of HIV in Central Africa. During the years 1966-1977, the WHO administered 24,000 million doses of smallpox vaccine worldwide. Over 2 billion doses were made in newly-established laboratories in third world countries, with the help of WHO specialists.

Could any of these vaccine batches, delivered as late as 1977, have been contaminated with a genetically engineered virus? Robert Gallo, the co-discoverer of HIV, was quoted as saying live vaccines, such as the polio vaccine, could have activated a "dormant" HIV infection in African Blacks.

Despite the extreme importance of this announcement, all the major U.S. news agencies ignored the smallpox story. The possible connection between the inoculation of millions of Black Africans with smallpox vaccine and the severe outbreak of AIDS in Africa was never revealed to the American Public, nor was the connection ever publicly discussed among AIDS scientists.

Although the important smallpox story was killed, the American public in 1992 was informed about the polio program in Africa, undertaken in the 1950s, and its possible connection to the AIDS outbreak. Were the old polio vaccines accidentally contaminated by animal viruses related to HIV?

The polio vaccine was manufactured using African green monkey kidney cells. Later, a cancer-causing green monkey virus (SV-40) was found contaminating the polio vaccine. Could HIV have originated from this contaminant in the old polio vaccines? The polio vaccine story received wide coverage in the U.S. media, but no mention was ever made of the 1970s smallpox vaccine connection to African AIDS. Strangely, the smallpox story remains suppressed to this day.

Is AIDS secret, government-sponsored genocide? In 1969 a scientist for the Department of Defense told a Congressional Hearing that within five to ten years a "super germ" could be genetically engineered as part of our experimental biowarfare program. The biological warfare specialist assured Congress that the human immune system would be powerless against this designer germ. Ten years later HIV was mysteriously introduced into the African Black and American gay communities.

Is HIV the genetically engineered "supergerm" predicted and developed by the biowarfare scientists? HIV is already significantly depopulating large populations, particularly in third world countries. Between 10 % and 20 % of adults in eastern and central Africa are already infected.

Ten Years after HIV was introduced into the gay ghettos in New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco, half the young homosexual men living in those communities in 1980 are now dead or HIV-positive. A billion (1,000,000,000) worldwide HIV infections are predicted in the early part of the next century!

AIDS in America started exclusively in healthy young white gay men. The reason why AIDS began as a "gay" disease should be obvious. Now AIDS is increasing most rapidly in heterosexual women, in the Black and Latino community, and in small and medium-sized U.S. cities.

Originally medical scientists regarded AIDS in America as a gay disease. However, a serious study of the epidemiology of AIDS proves the disease was never, in reality, a gay disease. On the contrary, the epidemiology of the AIDS pandemic proves the exclusive introduction of HIV into the white, U.S. homosexual population could not be a "natural" occurrence, nor an accident of nature "out of Africa".

Proven cases of American and African AIDS began at the same time, in the late 1970s. There is no evidence to prove that American AIDS cases came from Africa, or from Haiti. There is no connection between African AIDS and American AIDS.

The only way AIDS could have simultaneously erupted so explosively and so exclusively in African Blacks and American gays was to seed HIV into these two distinct populations through vaccine programs laced with HIV.

AIDS is not an accident of nature. Let's stop blaming God and green monkeys. It is time we faced the truth about the origin of AIDS. The lives of millions of uninformed people depend on the recognition that we have deliberately and covertly unleashed a biologic Holocaust of unprecedented proportions.

If we are going to educate people about AIDS and HIV, we should at least tell them where the disease and the virus came from, and if there is a cure. THE MAN WHO CREATED AIDS shall give you the answers to these and other questions about AIDS.

Alan Cantwell Jr., M.D., Los Angeles, May 1993

(Dr. Cantwell is a dermatologist and AIDS researcher. He is the author of "AIDS: The Mystery and the Solution", "AIDS and the Doctors of Death: An Inquiry into the Origin of the AIDS Epidemic", "The Cancer Microbe" and his most recent book "Queer Blood: The Secret AIDS Genocide Plot).

In this book I do not mention very often my wife Maya and my daughter Helena and also not our home where we lived because I want to keep them out of harms as much as possible. But this book is dedicated to them, to you, my dear wife Maya and to you, my precious daughter Helena. Forgive me if you can. I love you, I love you, I love you.


It is good to be old, and it is good to be sick. When you are old and sick you are reduced again to reality. No more crazy dreams, no more ambitions. You are just old and sick. And soon you will stand before your creator and then you will have to confess what you did, when and how, so that you can be punished or rewarded. I don't wait that long. I do it now. I would have done it before, but then I didn't know. Now I know. At least I think I know. I had to become old and sick to understand. Before that I was too busy, so busy that I didn't see the whole scam, the whole conspiracy, the whole picture. But know I have stepped back from the picture, I am not busy, ambitious and restless anymore; I am just old and sick, laying in my bed in Memorial Hospital, New York, having all the time in my life. The doctors gave me two more months, or maybe three. That is all the time I need to write this book. I want to reveal everything on paper, maybe then I can finally understand how I could have become the man who created AIDS
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